In April So We Are and the Rock Valley Retinue took over a room, 19th century schoolhouse in upstate New York and turned it into a recording studio. This live-performance video is from their record release for their album, “Things We’ve Learned”. Joseph LeDoux and Colin Dempsey are So We Are. Rock Valley Retinue band members include Don Piper, Matthew Horn, Jeremy Chatzky, Cliff Westfall, Julia Greenberg.

Rosanne Cash recently joined Joe and Colin on stage at the NYU’s Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life for the 3rd Annual Emotional Brain Institute “Emotion in the Arts and Sciences” Event. The event was hosted by Judith Regan, host of Sirius-XM Stars Channel’s “The Judith Regan Show,” and will be broadcast soon.

Joe and Colin performed ‘Inside of Me’ and ‘My Mind’s Eye’ and Rosanne Cash then joined them on stage to sing ‘Mind Over Matter’. Rosanne Cash then closed out the event with a few of her own songs. Click HERE to watch the Video clips from the event.

  • First Show in 2015 At Sidewalk, NYC – Slidshow  (Jan 15, 2015)

Colin and Joe performed at Sidewalk NYC in Jan.15, 2015. They did this radical thing where they faced each other rather  than the audience. Interestingly, with the musicians in this kind of intimate connection the audience felt vicariously connected.